Call for Board Members

Femme Wave is seeking new volunteer board members to contribute to the leadership of our organization.

Femme Wave is an inclusive feminist organization and those involved in the organizing of the festival should identify as such. We are an equal opportunity organization, but priority will be given to individuals who identify as a woman, trans, non-binary, and/or queer.

Our mission is to create an integrated, encouraging arts scene with opportunities for women and non-binary artists. Our vision is to intentionally program art that is accessible and showcase the talent of women and non-binary artists in warm welcoming spaces.

As a Femme Wave board member you will reflect/be/nurture/uphold these values; Fostering supportive spaces and championing creativity, Having fun!, Being badass feminist bitches, Educating and being educated, Diverse stories and perspectives.

Expectations of all Board Members:

  • Attend all regularly scheduled board meetings
  • Advise the overall tone and integrity of Femme Wave
  • Read any and all material pertaining to board meetings
  • Keep informed via website and social media platforms of all goings on of the festival on and off season.
  • Consider partnerships, sponsors in your own networks for the benefit of Femme Wave.
  • The personal connection is extremely important but before reaching out to potential partners, connect with Femme Wave Community Outreach Coordinator (2017 Jen Bates) for sponsorship package, language and any other important information.
  • Attend festival.
  • Minimum required: opening night in addition to two events which board members will work in pairs and act as festival representatives.*  For those events, board members will be knowledgeable of all the logistics prior to event including; line up, venue contacts, artist pay, load in, soundcheck, set times, volunteers.** This will require checking in with various coordinators responsible for each role.

*Schedule will be coordinated at board meeting prior to festival.

In particular, we are looking for a Board Treasurer. Responsibilities would include:

  • oversee Femme Wave’s financial matters in line with good practice and report to the board of directors at regular intervals about the financial health of the organization,
  • ensure that effective financial measures, controls and procedures are put in place, and are appropriate for Femme Wave,
  • liase with Board members, committee members and volunteers responsible for the financial management of Femme Wave events and year-round activities, and
  • oversee procedures for Femme Wave’s day‐to‐day accounting and financial practices to ensure clarity about roles, responsibilities and communication practices

Other areas of expertise we hope to add to our Board include fundraising, law, community development/outreach and arts administration

To apply, please send your resume or CV to board@femmewave.com. There is no deadline, we are looking for the right people to form a dream team!

We are always looking for more hands on deck with the festival as well as events we run year-round.


If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer with Femme Wave please contact us at volunteer@femmewave.com

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